Monday, 1 September 2014

A website to help with Depression*

I haven’t talked about very personal matters on my blog before, but recently I have been  using the website, which allows you to complete online therapy on depression, helping someone with depression and anxiety. 

I don’t want to go into the huge back story of where my depression started or how it came about, but the short story is I didn’t recognise my signs very well until my boyfriend pointed it out. I was emotional, rarely motivated and just didn’t like myself very much at all. 

I went to the doctors, but stated that I didn’t want medication. These are personal reasons and I’m not saying to everyone don’t try medication - it may work for you however for me, I didn’t feel that I wanted to be on medication and instead wanted to try something different. 

I was then referred to therapy. CBT therapy (which is the same on consists of hour long sessions, each week. I thought it helped at the time, and for a couple of months after I felt better. However, I didn’t think the therapy overall helped me. It was very scary talking to doctors and therapists about my depression - something I didn’t really understand myself and hadn’t even told my closest friends or family about. 

That’s what I like most about It’s personal to you, and if you don’t want to talk about it to anyone you don’t have to. You just complete the tasks in your own time, and you can come back as regular as you like (or keep it to once a week). 

The website feels very professional. I was a little nervous before using it about how it would help, but before you begin each module, you can watch a video where a professional therapist explains to you what’s in the module, how it links to depression and offering advice. I really liked these videos as they were short but very informative.

Each module allows you to complete it in your own time, and you can save your progress. This is good for some of the tasks that you should complete over a period of time. I would also recommend keeping a notepad with you when completing the modules, so you can write notes on the videos and maybe prepare your answers so you don’t forget what you’ve been doing each day. I didn’t do this at the beginning but started later on, and it definitely helped when I felt panicky and depressed, as I could look back at the notes instead of going back to the website each time.

If you are feeling low or depressed, or even anxious I would highly recommend taking the test and seeing if helpstopme could help you, as I do see improvement since I’ve been using it.

*I was given the product free to use for a review, however all the thoughts about the product are my own

Friday, 29 August 2014

Netflix Pick: Bates Motel

You may or may not have noticed that my blog has been slacking on Friday posts. Well, that's because before hand I was trying to keep them to face of the days, but in all honesty I haven't been wearing make up that often to give my skin a break, and when I do it's just winged eyes and the usual. So, I've decided in the weeks when I'm boring, and until I become more adventurous with my make up, Friday's can also be my pick of Netflix.

If you don't follow me on twitter, you probably won't know that my boyfriend is a complete babe and left his netflix signed in (on purpose) for me to use. He knows that since I'm waiting for pay day, I don't go out too much and I have a little habit for starting 4 new shows at once.

I love TV. I'm more of a fan of the American shows - and am planning a post of my favourite shows/best picks. There was one year where I literally wrote up a schedule in my week days so I didn't forget what TV shows I'd seen and hadn't. Unfortunately, How I met your mother and The Office US ended so I've had more spare time, and I've been filling it wisely.

Recently I watched the first season of Bates Motel on netflix and then binged watched all 10 episodes a little too fast. There is two seasons, netflix doesn't yet have it. :(

Bates Motel is a sort of prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho. If you haven't seen it, it's about a lady who stays in a motel for a night after stealing a large amount of money, and the owner is a young man called Norman Bates, and his mother. It's brilliant and definitely worth a watch, but dear god do not watch the Vince Vaughn remake. 

You don't need to see Psycho to watch Bates Motel, although I would advise it as it's a lot more enjoyable. The first season in a nutshell is Norma and Norman Bates move to a small town where Norma begins to run a motel business after Norman's dads death. That's all you are getting out of me as I really don't want to spoil too much.

I really love the actors. Vera Farmiga plays Norma, and Freddie Highmore plays Norman. I think they got the casting perfect with Freddie, he looks like Anthony Perkins who plays Norman in the film, and really plays the role well.

It is a gripping show. I really like the family connections and how crazy yet at points normal the relationship is. It's added some really great characters who you don't expect from the film - such as Norman's brother, and I really like showing Norman going through high school and how different he is to the other teens, yet still forms relationships with them.

Overall it's had a brilliant first season and I'm not so patiently waiting for Netflix to get round to the second - my tip would be try not to watch them as fast as I did!

Have you seen Bates Motel? What do you think?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Movie Review: Lucy

On bank holiday Sunday my boyfriend and I went to see Lucy. It was a spur of the moment type thing and I had seen a couple of trailers, but didn't know too much about it.

From the trailers I thought it would be very similar to Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper. It is similar, in some aspects. Limitless is about a struggling writer who takes a drug that allows him to use all of his brain, and he becomes this wealthy, genius but also with that comes risks.

Lucy's storyline is while in Taiwan, she becomes part of a task to become a drug mule and carry this drug to Europe in her stomach. However, the drug begins to leak into her blood stream and she can slowly begins to increase her brains capacity, and she sets out to kill the people who put the drug in her stomach in the first place.

I did enjoy the film, it's good to go in and see something different and interesting but also makes you think. Scarlett Johansson was great, although for half of the film she has to act fearless, but it didn't come across as too wooden which was good. The effects were pretty cool and I really liked a certain scene where she is near 100% and can control time.

I would recommend this film, even if you have seen Limitless as the two do differ, so you shouldn't be going in with that in your mind. The soundtrack was pretty cool, and I'd say it's one of the better films in the cinema at the moment. (Apart from Guardians of the Galaxy)

Have you seen this film? What do you think?

Monday, 25 August 2014

What I'd Wear: Urban Outfitters Opening

So I've been a fan of Urban Outfitters for quite a few years. I love their store for gifts at Christmas, accessories and gorgeous dresses/outfits which look unique compared to other stores. 

Finally, after years of travelling up to Nottingham and down to Birmingham, Urban Outfitters is coming to my home town of Leicester! I think this is great as Leicester is vibrant, cultured and creative, all things I see in Urban Outfitters.

Victoria from has a little competition going on her blog to get to go the opening, which I'd love the opportunity to go, and have been reading her blog for a couple of years now, and she was one of the first main blogs I started to read. Below is a little wishlist/outfit I'd like to wear if I picked to go:

One thing I love about Urban Outfitters is they get their thickness of clothes just right. I love this dress, and it's so simple which means it can be paired with anything. This would work well with a thicker jumper and tights, or lighter and still look great. Plus, a black dress is perfect for any occasion!

I would wear this lace kimono over the top, as again the black layers well over other items, plus it may be slowly moving into Autumn but I still love kimonos! I think they are so great for adding some extra style and can make an outfit feel complete. Against the black dress, the lace would stand out.

I would accessorise with this head chain, and leave the rest very simple. I've never worn a head chain before but really like how they look, and would definitely like to wear one! I think they aren't too over the top, and especially this style as it's not really that noticeable, but would add more to the outfit than a necklace over the kimono.

I would then go with a light, neutral eye with a sharp wing, and quite a berry lip colour. I'm all about make up this Autumn and berry colours are my favourite on the lips. I would love to wear something like MAC's Diva or Cyber with this look and some boots. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Empty Product Review: L'oreal Ever Pure shampoo

Recently, I used up another product! Sadly, I can never manage to finish a shampoo and conditioner at the same time, but this is the L'oreal ever pure shampoo, for smoothing. Last time I bought the volumizing and it was ok, but just not right for my hair, so I decided to switch.

As you can see, this shampoo doesn't contain any sulphates, so it's perfect for coloured hair. My hair is coloured, normal and thick. It usually takes 3 days before it's noticeably greasy, and I usually wash it every other day, depending on my schedule. 

I really like this shampoo and have already bought another bottle. I think it suits my hair really well, and definitely smooths it somehow. If I don't blow dry my hair, which I am not doing in the hot weather, it doesn't look fly away, whereas if I do blow dry, there are no frizzy parts! 

I get a good couple of months use out of this (at least, can't exactly remember when I bought it) and it lathers up really nicely, and doesn't irritate my scalp at all. I would definitely recommend it and I love the conditioner too!

Have you tried this shampoo? What do you think?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Updated Bag Wishlist

In one of my first posts here, I made a haul in which I bought a bag from Topshop. Over a year later and I'm still with said bag. It's really nice, and still y' but I am definitely in order of a new bag. 

Usually I don't really like looking at bags online, because I can't judge size and how big it is inside, and overall I just like to feel things in my hands before I use them! Here are a few ones I've had my eye on though.

I do like the classic style like this, and the fact it's got a little strap over the side to wear on my shoulder, but I don't know if I'd want something blue again.

This bag is really cute and I like the black and gold, but also unsure about size as it might be a little too small. 

This bag is probably my favourite, as I really like the front pocket, plus it comes with a shoulder strap option too.

I think this bag is a little more unusual, with the different shape and metal, however I think overall it's a bit too business-y.

What do you think out of these options?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Empty Product Review: Balance Me Moisture-rich face cream

A few months ago, I bought a magazine and it came with a sample of this balance me face cream. I thought, why not give it a try because 1. I'm still looking out for my holy grail moisturiser and 2. I'm a sample whore and just can't get enough of them.

I hadn't heard of the brand balance me before, but was intrigued especially with the big sign that says "99% natural origin". With a little more research, some of the ingredients include shea butter, rose hip oil, arctic cloudberry and kukui nut oils to name a few. Plus, it's specially for normal to dry/sensitive skin and I have dry/sensitive. 

Overall I did like this product. The product blends in smoothly and sinks nicely into the skin, and doesn't leave you feeling greasy or like you need to keep rubbing it in. I can still feel it after a few hours, which is nice because it feels to me like it has created a nice barrier, and isn't letting make up sink into my pores. 

I wouldn't say that it primes the skin very well for make up, which is what it says on the website, and I didn't try it with a primer over the top but I would say to put this on after your cleansing, and leave it to sink in while getting dressed before applying make up. This way worked best for me and by the time I came to make up, it had sank in and was ready.

The product didn't break me out which was nice, and if I did have a spot, it seemed to reduce the soreness of it which was nice. It's not a spot product though so I wasn't expecting it to do anything for that. 

I would recommend this product, although at the moment I still am on the look out for a holy grail moisturiser, if anyone has recommendations that would be great!

You can buy this product here and it comes in a 50ml (£24), 25ml (£15) or 10ml (£6).

Have you tried any Balance me products? What do you think?