Monday, 28 July 2014

My Thoughts: Fifty Shades of Grey movie

Last week saw the release of the fifty shades of grey trailer, and it was filled with slowed down, sexy Beyonce, a glance of Mr Grey and also the red room. Set to be released on valentine's day 2015, I thought I'd let you in to my views on the movie, the book and my doubts.

Firstly, I'm not going to mention the book too much. You can read so many interesting and amazing articles on why the book is so terrible, which will tell you better than I can. I've only read the first book, and didn't enjoy it. 

The upcoming movie however, is something I'd like to comment on. Just to warn everyone really, that I'm 99% sure it's going to be disappointing for all those waiting patiently for it. Want to know why I think that? Here are two reasons.

1. It's a public experience
Firstly, when you want to watch something like this, it's so much better on your own. For example, when the book came out, people were reading it and giggling together about different parts of the book, but no one was reading it out loud to a group of 50 people. It's going to be an awkward experience in cinema and made even more awkward by the amount of boyfriends/partners that have been dragged in to sit and watch on valentine's day.

2. It's not going to show anything
Depending on the rating, which should at least be an R rating, we aren't going to see anything. Just like in the trailer, it'll be just 'teasing' of shots above the chest, noises and eye glances. The introduction to the 'red room' will be the naughtiest thing in the movie, and the sex won't be any different than what is already in cinema's.

These are my biggest reasons why I think the movie will be awful. I'd lastly like to guide you in the direction of a movie called Secretary, starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. A lot of articles are mentioning this at the moment, I gave it a watch and enjoyed it, and think you might too.

Are you excited for the 50 shades movie? What do you think?

Friday, 18 July 2014

FOTD: #17

Sorry about the quality of the photos this week, but I was in a rush and just didn't really have time to get out the big camera.

This FOTD is from last week when I went to the pub with my boyfriend. I hadn't used Revlon colour stay's foundation in forever so used it and oh my gosh have I fallen back in love with it! The only bad thing is the lack of pump, so you have to be careful but it makes my skin look so good afterwards!

I also whipped out MAC's pro longwear lip liner in High Energy on my lips, which I absolutely love. I usually use it with Ruby Woo over the top, and did later on however at the start I just love how bright yet matte my lips are. I'm not a huge collector of lip liners but this one is so special.

What do you all think of this look?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The small plug: Depop

Small post today as I've been quite busy yesterday to properly plan a post. Apologies but at least I'm honest! ;)

Recently I made a depop account, as I'm currently looking for a job so need the extra money, and plus I can always do with getting rid of some more stuff to create space and help when I move out.

At the minute, the most items are DVD's as I have hundreds of them and need to cut down.

I'm also going to be selling make up, which I have a couple of items on now. I'll be sanitising them all before hand too! 

Lastly, I'll soon be selling clothes of mine, as soon as I've sorted them out but also will be selling some of my boyfriend's so it's good to look out just incase.

My name is @emememma and I do follow back if I think I'll buy something later on, when I have some money too!

Do you have a depot? Whats your name?

Monday, 14 July 2014

How to create/organise your recipe book!

So for over the past years, I've collected quite a long list of recipes from online sites, blogs and forums that I've added to a bookmark folder. I think it's a great idea to just save it then and there, so you don't forget which website you found it on...however when you actually begin to cook it just doesn't work, laptops are too big for the counters, the screensaver keeps coming up as you are chopping and I don't want to be dealing with splashes ruining my macbook.

Recently, I took a little trip to Paperchase which is one of my favourite stationary shops and bought a few bits to help me organise my recipes into a well organised folder. (This post isn't sponsored by Paperchase by the way, I just love their cute designs)

Firstly, I got my hands on some dividers, which have a really nice, smooth finish. The first page also comes with a list and I decided to organise it from categories from the main ingredient, so chicken, pasta, beef e.t.c. You could organise it from say, countries if you like cooking in different styles, so french, italian, american. Or, if you are vegetarian, pasta, salad, potatoes or different vegetables. (I don't know that much about vegetarian dishes aha)

Next, put them into your folder. I've also labelled the sides of the dividers just to make it easier. Another suggestion of mine would be to write up a little measurements/names list so you don't need to double check that you meant teaspoon instead of tablespoon (we've all been there right?)

Lastly, add in your pages. I've put them in plastic wallets as it's easy to clean, and they just feel nicer when skimming through the pages. I've put them in alphabetical order and also written it up instead of printing it out, just to keep the layout a bit the same. However, if you want to print it out, that's totally cool! You can also find recipes in magazines too and add them in.

If you ever have any recipes, let me know too!

Friday, 11 July 2014

FOTD: #16

Today's FOTD comes with a little apology. Recently my blog has been a little slow on the posting front, and while I don't have excuses, my main reasons has just been a lack of inspiration. 

It's difficult to write a blog without having that much money to spend on hauls and products to test out and review. Ideally, that would be something I'd like to do regular and just keep that up. However, at the minute my blog is just wish lists of products and items. And while I love wish lists, I don't want to be posting one a week. 

So, I've started writing down more ideas that I could blog about without breaking the bank and doesn't require me to go out and buy new products. It may take some time for research, but soon my blog will be back up to the three posts a week. I promise.

On with the FOTD, and apologies for my lack of smiling. I don't really know what happened! I am slowly, very slowly trying out more colours on my eyes, and so today I used 'Toxic' from the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. It's a gorgeous shimmery dark coral shade, and although I found it didn't apply exactly to the pigmentation I wanted, it's buildable and blendable.

What do you think of this look?

Monday, 7 July 2014

Movie Review: Jersey Boys

Directed by Clint Eastwood, Jersey Boys tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, how they began, how they became the four seasons and the lows too.

I've never seen this musical live but always wanted too, so I'm glad it was brought to screen by Clint Eastwood. His directing is very good, and you will notice the colours in the movie change, being quite darkly edited in the beginning and then lighter during the highlights. I really liked this technique, as it added to the feel of the film without being too distracting.

The acting in the movie is also very good. Eastwood decided to not use Hollywood actors but instead actors who played the roles in Broadway. I think this choice really worked as you don't need big actors to play the roles. The four clicked together and the chemistry was really nice to see.

Overall, I'd say give this a watch. The music is great and will want to get you singing, it's not overly musical stereotypes - music is sung where needed. The directing is good and it will definitely keep you entertained.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Movie Review: Chef

Recently I went to see Chef in cinema. It is written, directed and starring Jon Favreau as Carl Casper, a chef who works in a restaurant that no matter how hard he tries, he's not allowed to cook his own menu. After getting a terrible online review for his food, he breaks and quits his job, and begins to sell his own food on a food truck, while making his way across America.

The storyline is quite simple, and it has family matters, friendship and overall, doing what you love. I did enjoy this film, even though it's a little longer than it needed to be. I don't think it needed the huge cast it has, for example Scarlett Johansson got about 10 minutes of screen time, and Robert Downey Jr. got about 5.

The main thing for me about this film was the food. The cooking scenes and preparation were absolutely gorgeous, and you could definitely find yourself drooling over some of the shots. Do not go into this film hungry! I went in with nachos that I ate throughout the adverts, and yet was still hungry after the film.

Overall I would recommend this film. Jon Favreau was very believable as a chef, it has funny moments and the music will get you tapping your feet!