Monday, 22 December 2014

Icy Eyes

Sometimes you don't feel like going out in bright colours on the lips. I was sort of inspired by the cold and also MAC's Spring/Summer '15 trend. There is a mix of crazy false lashes stuck into the middle of the eye, oily smudged eyeliner and pastels and dewy skin. Dewy skin and pastels for spring? Groundbreaking.

I mixed a bit of Coax and Rewind together from the Vice 3 palette by Urban Decay. I like this palette but the colours really don't get enough use out as they could do. That's something I'm hoping to do more in the new year. 

On the lips I used MAC's lip liner in Ecetera which is about the only brown nude in stock at the moment, as Soar and Whirl are constantly out of stock thanks to Kylie Jenner. I do like this liner but it's not really a great shade for me. I am learning to love it though.

What do you think of this look?

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Skin Prep for Sweet Treats and Nights Out

Your skin can take some heavy weather this time of year, going in from cold nights out to warm pubs, the heat from a fire, plus a box of Quality Street might not help either. I've got some tips for you to help prep your skin for a night out or chocolate eating night in.

First things first, and this should really start a few days before is drinking water. Water helps your skin from the inside and within a few days can be very noticeable. It really does help and it's always best to get a bit of detox going before you indulge.

Another thing I like to do before a night out is to get everything shaved. Some days (cough until my boyfriend stops cuddling my cactus legs) I go without shaving as it's cold weather and we need that extra thermal layer, however before a night out I grab my shaver and go to town. My top tips for shaving is a) use a man's razor to reduce cuts as it's meant to be used on the face, so it's more sensitive and I've also noticed a closer cut and b) use conditioner on the hair before shaving, as it softens them and is cheaper than buying shaving gel.

I have dry skin so anything I put on my skin soaks up, but one thing I've sampled that really felt great was the Origins intensive overnight mask (£23) It's great for dry skin, and didn't break me out which was good. Although it's totally up to you if you want to try new products, or go with your old favourites just incase of break outs. As this product is only a once a week type thing, I don't mind paying that much for it either as it lasts ages.

The night before I would also put more care into my evening routine, firstly really getting all the make up off but also softening the skin. Something I use while I sleep is the serum in oil (£13) from the Body Shop. My skin always looks better after I use this and I tend to save it for if I've been crying or stressed out and know I won't get the sleep I need. 

I also get quite sensitive eyes and when you are planning a smokey eye, thats the last thing you need. I like a roll on eye ball that I keep in the fridge and use when my eyes feel itchy. You could use anything like an eye cream, or even a cold spoon. 

Putting all of these tips in place will really help save your skin before a night out and make it look the best.

Whats your tips before a big night?

Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Christmas Day Look

 In all honesty, this post is a little bit of a white lie. The normality of Christmas day is no red lips because I'm stuffing my face with food. I do like to do my make up but it's not crazily different to the other 364 days of the year. Infact if I didn't have to go out and see people I'd probably be in my PJ's all day!

For my lips, I used NARS Cruella which I absolutely love and it's very easy to apply. It lasts a long while and is matte which is my favourite formula. For my cheeks I used Sleek's Pomegrante which I did a review here. I really love it for winter as it's quite deep and sleek are very affordable but also pigmented as hell. 

For a base I used my MAC Studio fix in NW10 which is my favourite go to foundation as it's buildable coverage, lasts ages and suits my dry skin well. I also added a little bit of that gal as a highlight on the high points of my face.

Just quickly pointing out that I'd have less wonky eyeliner on Christmas day. I was having huge nightmares with eyeliner and reapplied it about 5 times so this was the last attempt before I said fuck it and added red lips to divert the eye.

Are you dressing up on Christmas day?

Friday, 19 December 2014

2014 Favourites

2014 has been very interesting. It's not been a great year for me, but then again it's getting better at the end and with lots of forward planning, I'm hoping 2015 will make up for it. Here are my favourites for 2014 seeing as I haven't done a monthly favourites on my blog before! (Something I'm hoping to do in 2015)

Guardians of the galaxy
Starring Chris Pratt among others, Guardians of the galaxy was such a fun film experience. It had moments of sadness, joy and laughter all mixed in. A great film if you like Marvel films or not. Full review here.

Gone Girl
The thriller of the year, Gone Girl was brilliant at creating tension and story telling. I really enjoyed this film and would say it's one of my favourite 'oscar' films this year. Full review here.

TV Shows
Breaking Bad
I'm very late to the fun with this show but it's been one of the main shows I've watched this year. I really enjoy the show for when I'm feeling like wanting drama and a bit of comedy aswell.

South Park
My boyfriend has got me watching south park from the beginning and I absolutely love it. It's incredibly clever, daring and topical but also hilarious to the point where I'm in tears laughing. I'm only on the beginning of season 3 of 18, I've still got a long way to go.

The Killing
My boyfriend and I have only really just started watching this, but I absolutely love it. It's heart breaking and makes you want to carry on watching it all night. I am really enjoying it so far.

For beauty this year I've picked 3 lipsticks that have absolutely won me over. They are all creamy, long lasting and bright. I really love them.

Top to bottom: NARS Cruella, Bourjois Velvet Matte in Frambourjoise, L'oreal red collection in Julianne's Red

NARS Cruella
I bought this in my trip to London for Valentine's with my boyfriend and absolutely love it. It's creamy in texture, blue toned red so suits me perfectly and it lasts ages. Plus, the crayon type bullet makes it easier to apply on the go instead of a lipstick. I've managed to apply it perfectly on the bus before with my iPhone front camera as a mirror.

Bourjois Velvet Matte in Frambourjoise 
One of my favourite purchases of the year was this Velvet Matte lipstain in Frambourjoise. No, I don't know how to pronounce it but it's amazing quality and worthy of high end price tags but it's less than £10. It lasts bloody ages. I've ate, drank and kissed with it and it's not budged. Probably my favourite purchase of the year!

L'oreal collection in Julianne's Red
This product is rich, creamy and feels luxurious on the lips. I love the colour, it's slightly pink, slightly red but absolutely gorgeous. It doesn't last as long as the other lipsticks here but it's really nice to wear in the daytime.

What's some of your favourites from 2014?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

What's on my iPhone

Today I thought I'd do a non-related Christmas post as sometimes you can just get Christmassed out. Today I'm showing you whats on my iPhone. I really love getting new apps and searching for things that will make my life easier and keep me entertained. I have an iPhone 5, which is black and the case is from Disneyworld.

This is the first page, the background is just an image from pinterest. This page looks pretty messy as it's where I keep the things I use the most, or can't get rid of. From top left I have phone, calander, photos and camera. I use these a lot. Then I have videos which I don't use at all, maps which I hate because apple maps sucks, weather which I use if I'm going on holiday soon. Lifestyle, which you can see more in depth next, settings, mail, app store and game center. Then I have google, instagram, snapchat and reddit. These are 4 of my main used ones, so I keep them out on the first page. In the main section I have messages, facebook, twitter and music which I use a lot when travelling.

Inside lifestyle I have passbook which I never use, apple store and newsstand which I never use. I then have facetime and stocks which I never use, and the boots app which I use weekly or so just to see what new offers there are and load them to my advantage card just incase I use them in store. I don't always use them though but if say toothpaste is on offer, then I stock up before I run out. 

The last line is o2 priority and groupon, which again I use about a once a week or when I'm planning on going shopping to see if they have any good offers. o2 usually do for restaurants so I usually use that when eating out. Lastly I have costa app which I use a bit to see if I can get a free lunch or not with my points.

This is the second and last page. I decluttered a lot a few weeks ago and keep them all in folders which is a lot easier than swiping through page after page. From top left again I have utilities, Imdb which I use mainly for "what film have I seen him in?" amazon which I use a bit but more on my laptop and messenger which I use now and again. I then have youtube, google maps and safari although I usually just use google more than safari.

I then have a random other folder, a social one, health and games. I use the arriva bus app as it tells you how late your bus is gonna be, and I use it quite a bit so keep it out. I then have business and an advent calendar which free apps which I have out as I'll delete it after the 24th day. 

In utilities I have mainly the ones you can't get rid off. I have contacts and calculator which I use now and again, compass, voice memos and a train app which I never use. Two Emoji apps which I use but don't play the games, find iPhone which I haven't used yet (luckily) and remote which I use when I'm cleaning my room and my laptop is away from me. Then on the second page I have apps that I never use.

In other I have national rail which I use a bit if I'm planning a trip somewhere, shazam which comes in very handy and a timer camera for when I need to take selfies with no hands. I then have befunky and pic collage which are two photo editing apps. I then have QRReader which I use now and again. I then have fast connect and BT wifi so I can get free wifi when I'm out and in the middle is duolingo which is a language learning app which I love, I started learning italian on there and now I'm learning French for when I go Paris next year.

In social I have bloglovin which I use when I'm reading blogs on the go, but much prefer to read on my laptop so I can comment easier. I then have blogger to make sure things are scheduled and do a quick post if I've forgot that morning. I then have tumblr, pinterest and flixster which I use a lot to check whats out in the cinema and what times. I then have app of the day which I always look at but never really download that much, and a second reddit app as this one you can post things as the other one you need to pay to do that.

Then I have health which is not used as much as I should! I have seven which is a seven minute work out everyday, then I have myfitnesspal which I did use for a while but hated calorie counting so stopped. I then have get running which I used a bit in the summer but now it's cold and I don't use it. I then have a theory test learning app which I use every other day or so to get ready for my test and lastly a yoga app I downloaded the other day which I'm hoping to use often.

I then have games which I use when I'm bored. I have Crossy Road which is like frogger and fun to do, dumb ways to die 2 which I always like to play and heads up which my boyfriend and I sometimes play. I then have monopoly which I rarely use as it drains your battery, and scribblenauts which is really cool. I really like quizup aswell as you play against other people around the world. Last row I have guardians of the galaxy game which is cool, Kim Kardashian hollywood which is my guilty pleasure and words with friends which I suck at.

Lastly I have my business app which I use quite a bit. I always use the ebay app to sell my things as it's so much easier to upload pictures that way. Then I use paypal to check if payments have gone in from ebay. Lastly I have gmail which I keep my blogging things on and for jobs on my other account.

And that's everything on my iPhone! Like I said I really do like to use apps so if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Making your home Christmassy

I never really go to town on Christmas decorations, however this year I've added some extra touches to my room to make it that little bit extra Christmassy. Here are some ideas to make your house or uni room more festive this season.

Fairy lights are a great way of adding decoration, and this year I found some old ones in my room and decided to put them up. I have a long one around the drawers, and two smaller ones which are battery operated. It's really nice to turn them on and watch a Christmas film, and it does get you into the spirit.

You don't always need a huge Christmas tree if you don't have the space, and Paperchase do some really cute ones that will be perfect for a desk. This one is 30cm and you can add some lights and a few baubles on and it'd look so sweet. I don't actually have a Christmas tree at all this year, but next year I'm hoping to get a really big real one!

Probably my favourite 'decoration' is this duvet and pillow set from ASDA. It's £12 and has pin up girls with Christmas outfits. It's so cute and really warm and cosy aswell! Add some cushions on top and you'll feel set for Christmas every time you go to sleep. 

What do you do to make your home Christmassy?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Look #3

Carrying on from my last two looks, here and here I thought I'd share a third as I am really enjoying doing these and want to carry on with them in the future. Today's look is more pink and it's using the Naked 3 palette. I love the Naked 3 palette as the pink tones are gorgeous and really add something extra to the palette that the others don't have. Here is my tutorial!

Firstly I primed my eye lid and did my brows while I let that set. Then I used mixed a little bit of 'Nooner' and 'Mugshot' into the crease and blended out. I really like these colours together as it makes mugshot less glittery and I didn't want glitter everywhere. Just blend, blend, blend...

I then added buzz all over the crease. You can't really see it much here, so after this I went back in and pressed the shadow onto the eye instead of 'wiping' it so it added more colour. Buzz is a gorgeous shimmery pink and it reminds me of a prom sort of colour. It's very buildable too as you can see, you can either have just a wash or more impact if you prefer.

To brighten the eye a little I mixed the shades Strange and Dust together. Strange is a very light, matte white shade and dust is a very light shimmery pink. Together they look really nice and would suit a cut crease. I used a small brush for this to add it in the corner where I wanted it as if I go in with my finger it ends up halfway under my lashes aswell.

To add extra definition and to complete the whole look, I added the shade darkside into the outer V, and mixed it with buzz under the lashline. I love darkside as it's not as dark as it looks in the palette, but when blended can create a really soft look while still adding definition.

I then tightlined my upper lashline and added some wings. I really need to get some false lashes to fully complete looks, but I really love this look as it's very feminine yet you can really build on the browns to define the look more if wanted.

For my lips I used Revlon's lipstick in Mauve it over, with MAC's Ecetera liner on top and topped it off with Urban Decay's NAKED lipgloss in Walk of Shame. I reallyyyyy love this lip combo and I think it might start to become a daily lip look! 

What do you think of this look?

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