Friday, 24 October 2014

The perfect blush for Autumn/Winter

If there's one make up area I definitely lack - it's in the face department. I've got plenty of options for foundation, eye shadow e.t.c but I literally have about 4 blushes, and they are all pink and quite summery. For quite a while I didn't even use blush/bronzer because I have quite red skin sometimes and just felt like it accentuated it. However, I'm now past that stage and am happy to use it, but still never bought more.

I've had this blush in my collection for probably just under a year, but I have absolutely fell in love with it. It's from Sleek and called Pomegranate, and oh my gosh it's so gorgeous for fall. 

I do really like sleek products and this is a perfect size for travelling and taking anywhere, and holy wow is it pigmented (wayyyy more than I thought it would be, where I learnt the hard way as I didn't swatch first and then ended up with a bright plum cheek with just a slight swish of a brush). I do like a bit of shimmer in my blushes, as it adds a nice glow and this has just the perfect amount that it isn't glitter on your face but is subtle and just enough.

Another thing I like is it blends out so nicely, and works really nicely with the hoola bronzer. This blush will definitely be getting a lot of use over the next few months and I'm so happy with rediscovering it in my collection.

What is your favourite blush for fall?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My favourite fall lipsticks

I am definitely a huge sucker for berry lips during Autumn/Winter. I put away all my pinks, glosses and light nudes and just slap on the darkest colours I can find. However, I always seem to just go in a circle with these few above and I'd thought I'd show you why I love them so much for this time of year.

Chanel Rouge Allure in shade Initiate 77
This was actually my first high end lipstick purchase in the duty free of JFK. I absolutely love the packaging and the whole pop out lipstick is just so chic and cool. This nude is slightly darker than my usual go to nude, and it's perfect for autumn and looks great with any make up look on the eyes. It's a little glossier than the rest of the lipsticks here and I really love it.

Rimmel Kate Moss in 107
Nearly every beauty bloggers favourite for autumn is this colour. I bought it last year and absolutely hated it - it looked patchy, never went on even and slid off my lips in about 30 minutes, however this year it's absolutely wonderful! Maybe my lips are just in better condition this year. It's perfect if you want a plum berry shade and it suits paler skin aswell.

Revlon balm stain in Crush
Honestly, I wear this all year round and it's one of my all time favourite lip products, but in A/W it's absolutely perfect. Slightly purple, slightly glossy but so wearable and lasts ages. You can dab it on to create more of a stain-y stain (?) or apply straight from the bullet for more colour impact and then it gently wears down into a stain, so you don't really need to touch up too much.

NARS Matte Lipstick in Cruella
I wear reds all year round however this one definitely screams Autumn more than Ruby Woo. It's less bright, lasts a good few hours and as it's slightly darker it just suits the weather more. I really love this colour and it's a very classy red shade.

Side note that my camera doesn't seem to be picking up the colours truthfully to what they actually look like, but mixing all these up in a routine looks wonderful for Autumn and you probably won't need another lip product until spring!

What's your go to lip product for fall?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Reviews

So recently I had a couple of hours to spare before heading to work so I went browsing around a few shops, and not too long later these two beauties were at the tills with me. In fairness, they were on a deal so were a fiver each, and I'd heard fantastic things about them from reading and watching Vivianna does makeup. 

The two shades I got were peach club (left) and Frambourjoise (right) which I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce so don't even make me try! I did want to get a red shade aswell (I think it's called hot pepper) but they only had the tester available and someone had opened and tried the sealed one. (Don't you hate how disgusting some people can be? There's a tester for a reason!) but thats another topic entirely. P.s - I know they look identical together here but promise me they aren't, it's just lighting. 

Holy moly. These lipsticks (or stains) have staying power. I wore Peach club for a date day with my boyfriend the other day, and it lasted throughout the day even though I ate, drank and kissed. It's amazing and is perfect if you like bold lips but don't like retouching or worrying about your lips. I'd say it lasted a good 5 hours that I was out for before I looked in the mirror to see if it needed a touch up.

Colourwise, frambourjoise is more of a hot pink colour where as peach club is more unusual, it's a slightly nude orangey colour, not exactly peachy but it's still quite bold. In the swatches they aren't dry, but they do dry to a matte finish.

My only downside to them is the application, it's quite hard to get a smooth application first time on your lips, plus the doefer doesn't spread it perfectly, what I did to beat this was firstly apply a thin layer, let it dry and then go over the top with a slightly thicker layer and let that dry. You can definitely just pat it into the lips if you didn't want to go full out bold, but overall I am super duper impressed and will probably be buying a couple more in the near future.

Have you tried these before? What do you think of them?

Friday, 17 October 2014

A blogging secret

Thought I'd do something a little different in this post, as I've been busy with work a lot recently and with the nights drawing in closer each day, I don't have time most days to take photographs. It's annoying, however I am still trying to cope with keeping up 3 posts a week, and hopefully in December go to daily.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas, but now this is my 2nd Christmas I'll be blogging for, I've found something rather topical that I keep seeing on my bloglovin' feed, and I feel left out of this part of the blogging world.

Unfortunately, due to whatever reason...I don't have a sense of smell. I've never had one, and never really had it looked into as to why. Sure, it's helped me out a lot when going through fields of manure and such however there is a lot I miss out on, and during this time of year the biggest is probably Lush hauls.

You see, every other blogger is happily posting their lush hauls, describing the scents, covering their hands in the glitter and just enjoying smelling each different scent. I'm sat here, reading and wishing. The second factor in this is I also only have a shower and not a bath, so even if I could smell them all, bath bombs are pretty pointless in my life.

Sigh. Honestly I wasn't even that fussed until last Christmas when all of a sudden there were cute penguins and melting snowmen everywhere, however on my birthday I got a lush bath bomb (dragon egg if you were wondering) and had a bath before I went out in my hotel room. It was nice, and the bath bomb covered the bath and me in gold glitter and it was really fun, but honestly I'm not even a bath sort of girl. I just don't really like it.

I feel like the 1% writing this, and maybe one day when I move into a place with a bath I'll buy the most colourful and fun bath bombs in the world, but until that day you won't be seeing any lush hauls from me. I'm sorry.

Whats your favourite lush bath bomb at this time of year?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Movie Review: Gone Girl

On their 5th wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne returns home to find his wife, Amy Dunne missing. This starts a media frenzy into the disappearance and the more days she is missing, the more people wonder if Nick murdered his wife or not.

I was very interested in seeing this film after the trailer. It looked tense, clever and with Fincher directing, just a good film. That's exactly what this film is. It's incredibly tense at points, oddly humorous in other parts yet completely gets your attention all the way through.

Ben Affleck is great in the role and does make you wonder throughout if he killed his wife or not, however the standout is Rosamund Pike who absolutely nailed the role and killed it (no pun intended). She was captivating in each scene, and really got your attention. There were a couple of moments that made you question the film, however over all the plot was really good, and kept you interested even in the slower parts of the film which may have otherwise made it drag on too long. 

The smaller roles by Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris were also done well, with the small roles they had they made their characters interesting, even though you might think Tyler Perry is an odd casting choice. 

Overall I'd highly recommend this film if you like drama, crime and a story that gets your attention fast. It's a great way to spend your time now the weather isn't so nice, and will definitely keep you thinking for a few hours after you've seen it.

Have you seen Gone Girl? What did you think?

Monday, 13 October 2014

My favourite shades from the Naked 3 Palette!

The naked 3 is my favourite palette from Urban Decay. It is special to me as my boyfriend got it me for our one year anniversary, even though I didn't ask! I love it so much, the colours are perfect and really suit my blue eyes and pale skin. The pink undertones are subtle in some shades but still just add something, and the packaging looks good enough to eat.

Unfortunately I recently was using it and this shade fell out when I opened it, which is a shame because it's never happened to me before, but I definitely will be gluing it back in somehow as I really like to take this palette with me when I travel. So, what are my favourite shades?

Strange from the Naked 3 is like Foxy from the naked 2. It's pale, matte and works really well as a brow bone highlight, but I prefer this shade as it works better than the yellow undertones from Foxy. It's a really great shade when you are tired, as you can pop it over the lid or in the inner corner and it really brightens up the look. I use it regularly as a lid shade for my go to natural look.

Usually with Strange I put Limit in the crease, which isn't too dark but adds definition. It's matte and has a hint of pink to it, which is really nice although can be blended to be darker. Nooner is another shade I love to mix with Limit, and recently I've been wearing Limit on the lid with Nooner in the crease, which creates a wonderful matte look and looks great with blue eyes.

Lastly, for a more dramatic look I really like Factory. It's a dark brown with hints of gold and pink mixed in. It's a gorgeous shade and works really well just on its own, blended out and blended a little underneath the lower lash line, or it can be used in the crease to really add more definition. I've been wearing it a lot on it's own recently and again, it's great for blue eyes.

Yay for awkward hand poses! Apologies that you can't see strange that well, but it just is really light like my skin tone. The colours in this palette are all build able and versatile, and I wouldn't change this palette for the world.

Do you have the Naked 3 Palette? What are your favourite shades?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What I won from Urban Outfitters

So a couple of months ago I wrote this post for a competition to get to see the new Urban Outfitters in my hometown of Leicester. I immediately entered because 1. I love Urban outfitters and have been waiting for a shop in leicester for years, and 2. I love planning outfits and ideas, and thought why not!

Well I actually won the competition, which was so exciting for me and really lifted my spirits! After being job hunting for about 6 months and on a clothing/make up no buy as I just couldn't afford it, I was so happy to win something and get a £100 gift card and some goodies, while also checking out the new shop!

I was at work for the press part in the afternoon, but popped in after work for the party and it was so cool, free drinks, a DJ and just being able to look at all the new clothes in stock! Today's post I'm going to show you the items I got in my goody bag, and then next week I'll show you what I got with my gift card (as I need my boyfriend to play photographer!)

The first three items - an issue of their newspaper/magazine, Nelly ride with my vinyl and some fake tattoos.
These are all pretty random, but I'm actually really happy with them! I had a good look through the newspaper and it's really nicely done, with some great inspiration. The Nelly vinyl was probably the most random, however I can actually use it as I own a record player, and it's a fun song to listen too! The tattoos are something I'm saving for a festival next year, as they are all pretty crazy but will fit right into the festival scene, I especially love the unicorn!

Lipcote, hair elastics, nail polish
I did also get two big scrunchies however like all my hair bobbles I put them in once and they disappear, but I'm pretty sure ones in my gym bag! I am yet to try these out, I am really interested in this lipcote, and will definitely be trying it (probably reviewing) as it could be perfect for nights out as you won't need to reapply lipstick! The nail polish is a gorgeous colour and I love how deep the purple looks, I'm going to be painting my nails very soon!

Sunglasses & Socks
I tried the sunglasses on and sadly they don't suit me at all, however I love the case and will be keeping that! I also really like these socks, I've been wanting some like this for a while which go with boots and dresses, so I'm really pleased.

Head chain
And lastly my favourite item - a golden head chain. This is like the one I picked out for the outfit, and I love it so much! I'm going to be wearing it for nights out and probably a Christmas party, It's really bohemian and the tassels aren't too in your face, it's really subtle but looks great!

What's your favourite item at the moment from Urban Outfitters?

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